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"Crossbreed is a top-tier holster manufacturer who should be on the short-list of any newcomer shopping for concealed carry.  Their quality is so good that what they consider "seconds" are indistinguishable by me from firsts.  After buying from them for years I web-stumbled upon "", a site that sells Crossbreed holsters deemed unworthy of their high production standards (but look the same to me!).  I stocked up, replacing old or marginally-useful holsters affordably.  Lately, I also began investing in robust carry belts that double for business casual wear.  These are pricey but worth it and reduced that investment roughly in half.  This allows me to ditch my Walmart belts for EDC, replacing them with Crossbreed seconds.  The look is quality and the beltline stability for IWB holsters is a substantial improvement.

 I recommend to everyone carrying a pistol who needs a holster, without reservation.  I received no consideration whatsoever from this endorsement."  WaltB  03.22.21

Received my holster today and just wanted to write and say thank you guys very much for the incredible service and what a nice holster! Really fast shipping and I couldn't be happier with the product. Will definitely deal with you again and would gladly recommend you to anyone. Once again thank you.     R Watson  9.19.2017


I ordered my first holster ever from Crossbreed...only because I didn't know about Crossbreed Seconds! Every holster since has been from Crossbreed Seconds and will continue to be in the future. This is not one of those "too good to be true" or "is this a spam company on Crossbreed?" stories. This is the real deal, don't bother going anywhere else. Now stop reading reviews and try it out for yourself!     A Reister 2.18.18


Excellent holsters at great prices. 
I purchase holsters from Crossbreed for my EDCs and they are excellent. Comfortable, secure, and the workmanship is first rate. The Founder's Series is worth the price and the wait.

Problem is I wanted to get them for all my occasional carry guns since they were so outstanding, but i could not really afford to go that way. Thankfully someone on GlockID posted a link to Crossbreed Seconds. I have purchased several holsters from them and while it is fun to see your name written on the inside of a custom made Crossbreed, the holsters from Crossbreed Seconds have all the features and quality at a significant savings. You may have to shop for a little while if you need something specific but I have found that they have a holster for almost all the common carry arms and while it isn't made to your order there is a chance it is In Stock!

Fast shipping, the best holsters, at great prices! Thanks Crossbreed Seconds!     J Haefele 2.18.18


Do you know what I love even more than Crossbreed Holsters? Crossbreed Holsters at a steep discount! And you can get them at a steep discount at Crossbreed Seconds. I've bought several holsters from Crossbreed Seconds, and each one has been in great, almost new condition. I love this store!!!     M Camden 2.18.18


Crossbreed makes the very best holsters on the market. Crossbreed Seconds offers those same holsters for a portion of the price. Ive purchased numerous products from both but i always check Seconds first.    J D'Aquila 2.18.18


If you are looking for a great holster at a fantastic price, Crossbreed Seconds is the place. Not only are the holsters fantastic, their service is first rate, also.    T Isaacs 2.18.18


Great products and helpful staff when you call. This company has never let me down after about 8 years of use. New gun immediate new Crossbreed Holsters for me.      J Sider 2.18.18


Crossbreed holsters are absolutely fantastic. Crossbreed Seconds make owning one easier. I have purchased more holsters from Crossbreed Seconds than from Crossbreed outright, and outside of the "Seconds" markings (used to be an X, now stamped Seconds"), I've never found any visual difference. In fact, there is absolutely no functional difference between the two. Dirty little secret: Order multiples, and get a discount on shipping.    J Espe 2.18.18


I have purchased a couple of holsters from, Crossbreed Seconds, one for my LC9S and one for my Glock 42. Both of the holsters are excellent. I highly recommend them!     D Krans 2.18.18


Was looking  for a good holster when I came across this place, "CROSSBREED SECONDS" Great prices for an Authentic Crossbreed holster that's already broke in for you. Fast service and delivery. I definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a Good Quality Holster. Look forward to doing more business with you . Thank you once again.     V Mendez 2.18.18


The best holster at a great price. Great Customer Service. Always the first place i check when I need a new holster.     C Miller 2.18.18


I ordered a horsehide appendix carry holster for my new Glock 43. The item was as described and exactly what I wanted. The price was excellent. I use this holster everyday. The quality of your holsters is second to none. I am a customer for life.     S Tischer 2.18.18


You simply can't beat their price,quality and service. Top notch company. Will buy from again with confidence.     J Hogan 2.18.18


These guys have OUTSTANDING customer service and a very good product at a great price!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!                J Dues 2.18.18


Holster I bought looked brand new, but was almost half price. Always check here first.     B Mitchell 2.18.18


Received a like new holster for half the price! Quick shipping! Definitely doing business with them again!      K Jennings 2.18.18


I've purchased several holsters and a belt from their store. Even the blemished products have outstanding quality.     D Horein 2.18.18


Great product and great service, very satisfied, keep up the good work.    R Lawley 2.18.18


Awesome holster! Like new AND saved myself some big $$$!!!   D Williamson 2.18.18


Great place to save a ton of money on great product! Thanks you guys!  A Langley 2.18.18